June 23, 2010

Taranenko v. Kurlovich, 1987

Video from the 1987 USSR Championships: Leonid Taranenko and Aleksandr Kurlovich going head-to-head for the gold.  Attempts listed below.  The video is in Russian, and the B&W with the "Terminator" music adds to the drama.

It is not very often you see a 470 kg total (!) finish with a Silver Medal.

Gunyashev 195,197.5,200
Taranenko 200,207.5-, 207.5
Kurlovich 205,210,216-(wr attempt)

Clean and Jerk
Taranenko 245,265 (wr attempt)-, 265
Kurlovich 250,260 (total wr attempt), 265 (wr attempt)-
Taranenko won the competition with 472.5 kg total, Kurlovich came in second with the 470 kg

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